what the…

First time I’ve been on this blog in forever…

I don’t like reading my old posts. I kind of cringe every time I read one. haha dang… it’s like xanga all over again.

Maybe I should start a new one.

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Yes, I realized I have neglected my blogging lately… I apologize. Things have just been super crazy lately.

So I am into the second week of school. boo. I’m already tired. I can already tell this will be a trying semester…

This post is just gonna be some randoms.


The first thing I noticed when my roommates and I moved in, was that we have new next door neighbors! Maybe we will be best friends!

During the first night back, guess what… they were bumpin their music. But only on Tyrus’ side. HAH. Remind you of some certain under-neighbors? hmm…

It was alright for the first night, they don’t have any work to do, so they’re just hanging out, listening to some jams. But I come to find out the next morning, from Tyrus, that the neighbor he shares a wall with began playing music at 5 am. WHAT? really? haha

I understand 12 am, 1 am, or maybe even 2 am for a late night. But to turn your music off at night and then begin again at 5 am? Crazy.

In addition to this, I believe our under-neighbors are the same. Still auto-tuning it up.

You know what this year looks like to me? …

The Under-Neighbors: Season Two
w/ special guest- Neighbor next to Tyrus

Oh don’t worry, I will keep you updated.


So after hearing some feedback, I believe my last post was a success. I am glad I could spread the word concerning The Bed Intruder Song. [If you do not know what I am referring to, check out Hide Your Kids]

Tyrus showed me this. And I have to say… I wish I had thought of it before them.

Not really. I don’t know if I would want a permanent reminder of this… but the song was pretty genius. It was actually stuck in my head almost all day yesterday. he’s climbin in your windows, he’s snatching yo people up… etc.

Like… wow. I wonder what kind of personal meaning Antoine Dodson has to this guy who got the tattoo. Perhaps he was inspired by Antoine’s bravery in trying to protect his sister… or perhaps he was moved by Antoine’s musical ability.

I wonder how Antoine feels about all these shenanigans. I think I might feel uncomfortable if someone got a tattoo of my face along with a lyric to a song  that wasn’t actually meant to be a song, but rather an account of a traumatic event.

Cutest Video Ever

I just wanted to end this post on a lovely note. I’m sure some of you have seen this already. I had the pleasure of watching it last night. (Thanks for showing me, Aileen)

This has to be the weirdest/cutest video I have ever seen. I want a shell with shoes.

Please enjoy. Beware: your heart might just giggle a little bit.

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Hide Your Kids!

So I wasn’t planning on posting, but I wanted to share this with you. I don’t know if you have seen this video before. But my cousin, Kai, just showed it to me today.


You can watch this video first, then watch the second one. I know the subject is pretty serious and messed up, but just pay attention to when they get that guy’s account of what happened.

Personally, I feel like the first video would be enough for me. I kind of can’t believe that they actually included all the things he said on the broadcast… and then I saw this second video. (I know it looks lame at first glance, but I promise you will not be disappointed.) Also, you can stop watching when the song is over. There is really no need to watch that other guy at the end.

WOW. right? People can make songs out of anything – and I love it.

Thank you, auto tune. And thank you, Dru, for making a ringtone out of this.

I definitely almost peed my pants watching this. Almost (but it never got to that point).

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Aww Mann

Sorry I have not updated in a long time. Things have just been really busy. And apparently, according to my friend Chris, I am a bad blogger because I haven’t updated… so here I am.

First of all. Some of my speaking habits have been pointed out to me… Has that ever happened to you? Where someone points something out about the things you say or do and at first you’re like “nahhh” but then it is actually true?

Apparently I saw “aw mann” often. Also, I apparently talk without the use of contractions. Meaning that usually, when I am trying to say something like “I don’t like that,” I actually say “I do not like that.”

I say “do not” instead of “don’t” and “cannot” instead of “can’t” and “have not” instead of “haven’t” etc etc.

It’s so weird, because it’s true. (Well I guess I say “it’s”. But that is about it.) I think this habit was born with my introduction to writing formal papers. Because when you write a formal paper for class, I was taught that you are not allowed to use contractions. And that the use of contractions makes it less formal.

I guess I am just a formal kind of person. I want people to know I am not just jokin around. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. usually. Now, don’t call me out whenever I use contractions, because I do still use them, just less often than normal people do in regular face to face conversations I guess.

Second of all.

JERSEY SHORE IS BACK – every Thursday on MTV. I just watched the first episode the other day (it started last week I believe). This season is gonna be crazy… I cannot stand Angelina still. But I understand why they would want her back on the show. She can stir up some drama. JWOWW has already threatened to fight her. And apparently JWOWW, Snooks, and Sammi are good friends. But the previews hinted at a throw down between JWOWW and Sammi. My money’s on the WOWW- factor, definitely.

And I don’t know about you, but I am getting a little tired of the Sammi Ronnie situation (haha situation). Yes, we know you still “love” each other, you’re both just hurt and drunk which is why you say stupid things to each other. But yeah, this first episode, Ronnie said some especially mean things to her. I cannot repeat them here. Too inappropriate.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I had a dream once that I was on a version of Jersey Shore. But whenever everyone went out, I just hung out at the house by myself. Dang, I would be boring if I were on that show. I’d rather just watch.

Speaking of Asians and Jersey Shore. Awhile ago, the cast for the KTown version of Jersey Shore was released. And I know this is old news, but I’m sure it’s interesting to hear the second time anyways.

The cast for the KTown Jersey Shore. Yeah, I think I can see a Situation in there, that girl in front looks like a good Snooki candidate, the girl on the right… is that JWOWW?

haha Chris says: not 1 attractive girl in the ktown jersey shore.  fail.

TMZ made a fake trailer for the show, but I think it’s pretty funny. They should consider using part of this for the intro to the real show.

Personally, my favorite part is when that one girl goes crazy doin some karaoke and she says after “I just tore that place up like I tear up every place in KTown.” LOL. nice.

Really… the footage shown makes it look like a Korean drama. With the guys in suits walking into the glass building and then lighting a cigarette – very drama worthy. But it’s okay, Asian dramas are quite popular.

So from what I hear, they are still looking for a network to pick up the show. And I really want to see this, so if you are a network looking for a show – take this one! But if no one picks it up, I am seriously considering visiting the KTown in L.A. just to watch these people anyways. Anyone down?

Ima keep this one shorter cause I gotta ease back in to the blogging mode. But until next time, stay classy Jersey Shore fans.

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Oh Little Boy Singers…

I think I’m in a writing mood.

Speaking of epidemics, I have to acknowledge Justin Bieber. This boy has exploded into the music scene. Really. I don’t know about you, but it took me by surprise.

His debut single, One Time, was released in 2009. And his album, My World, (which went platinum) was the first ever to have 7 songs from a debut album to be in the Billboard Top 100 (according to Wikipedia. So you know it’s true).

sidenote: Did you know that Justin Bieber is from Ontario, Canada? I had no idea.

So I know a lot of people have some passionate dislike for Justin. But I think a lot of people underestimate his talent as well. He reminds me of a male version of Jojo. She is actually a really good singer. But I don’t think she got all the credit she deserved and was categorized as some goofy teenage singer, just as Justin Bieber is categorized by many. So, yeah, I like him and I like Jojo. They should collaborate, though she’s like 19 now.

Anyways, I was chatting on aim with my friend, Clifton, the other night. By the way, it should be noted that Clifton is not a fan of Justin. And he sent me a link to a youtube video and said “and I thought Justin Bieber was bad”.

Watch it. Please.

Now, first of all. COME ON. This is blatant imitation Justin Bieber (like imitation crab). Just because Justin Bieber has had huge success doesn’t mean you can just throw any 15 year old boy, with flowy blonde hair who can sing a little tune, into the scene. This is too much. I’m sorry Cody Simpson, but it’s just not gonna work out.

Second of all, iYiYi as the name of the song? What? Bad choice. Flo Rida… I just lost a little bit of respect for you. I have an analogy for this: As Cody Simpson is to Justin Bieber, Flo Rida is to Ludacris.

Not only is this song kind of sub-par, but the music video just totally throws me off. I don’t know if I can pinpoint it. Maybe it’s the pink hoodie, or the bicycle gang concept, or the “143 ;-)” text in the beginning of the video or the sad dance moves… It makes me want to kind of cry and throw up at the same time. iYiYi.

I forced myself to rewatch this video a few times so that I can have an accurate perspective for this post. Stupid mere exposure effect… the song is almost starting to sound alright. Now it makes me only want to throw up.

Dreamstreet. YEAH

So I was thinking about these young boy singers and I remembered Dreamstreet. Do you remember these guys??

They came into existence in 1999. I think this was basically their only big hit. Listen to the chorus at least, I’m pretty sure it’ll sound familiar to you.

But yeah, these kids… they look like they’re 12. This music video is fantastic with the great hair and outfits and dance moves. So good. If you didn’t know, Jesse McCartney was in Dreamstreet.

I watched this Dreamstreet video and Jesse McCartney’s, more recent, Leavin’ video back to back. HUGE difference. The Leavin’ video is just straight up racy… I bet that music video took $50 to make. Youtube it.

Other boybands

My train of thought was:

Cody Simpson -> Justin Bieber -> JoJo -> Cody Simpson -> Dreamstreet -> THEN…


Remember them? no? MMMBOP. Very catchy song.

[sidenote: MMMBOP, iYiYi, what’s up with all these song titles that are not real words? This is one of the leading causes of illiteracy in America. I don’t know how I feel about this, but it’s not good.]

I listen to MMMBOP every once in awhile. Here’s the song to jog your memory:

By the way, the MMMBOP music video probably cost less to make than Jesse McCartney’s Leavin’ video. I used to enjoy them back in my younger years. I remember people used to make fun of them because of their hair, and then I thought of the Jonas Brothers.

WOW right? The Jonas Brothers are basically a present day form of Hanson. A band of 3 brothers who girls seem to love, but they are also the butt of many jokes. I’m right, right? Interesting.

I wonder what the Hanson brothers look like now. You know what, I’ll just show you the before and after.

10 years makes a big difference, no?

So yes, whether you like it or not, it seems as if these young male singers are here to stay. Once one of them fades out, another appears like magic. Except Cody is probably going to fade faster than most. tear.

Luckily, I have a short poem written for this occasion:

Oh little boy singers…
whose tunes are set as pre teens’ ringers.
You have offered us much G-rated lyric
of which my comments are quite satiric,
I just hope you retain your singing abilities
long after you have reached puberty.
Sincerely, Me.

I utilized www.rhymezone.com to help me rhyme my words. (P.S. Nothing rhymes with puberty.)

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“You’re…sort of beautiful”

I thought it would only be appropriate for me to address an epidemic that has been sweeping the nation, and even the world. I am positive that everyone in America is aware of it. Except maybe the Amish.

And it is probably one of the most controversial topics of this time. No, not healthcare policy or BP (jerks). There is one word that will promise to evoke either a sense of excitement or loathing inside of you… Twilight.

YUP, I said it. Actually I was watching tv last night and Twilight actors were featured on The Late Show, The Tonight Show, and Oprah… at the same time. You either love it or hate it. And if you hate it, it is most likely because of its obsessed fans who exclaim that “You just don’t understand.” Which you don’t. But it’s alright. To each his own, right? And I think it is appropriate for me to share my experience.

Now, I have to admit, I have never read the books. But I have seen all the movies. I saw the first movie on a whim on opening night, thinking it would be a joke. And it was. But it was, above all, entertaining. The plot was interesting, fresh (because at this point there were virtually no vampire movies/tv shows). Sure, there were terribly corny lines that made me feel uncomfortable, but it was all a part of the experience. It was actually pretty funny as well.

Then the second movie came out: New Moon. I waited awhile before I saw this one. But I knew I had to see it. The buzz surrounding New Moon was about the transformed Jacob (Taylor Lautner). Short hair, bigger muscles, no shirt. Yeah, that is pretty much a recipe for teenage admiration. I saw the second movie. Much better than the first. More action, more face time for Jabob, lines that were a bit more believable, and I thought better acting as well.

Now by this time, I have gotten very interested in the story and kind of just swept up a little in the hysteria of it all. So when my friend, Kai brought up the idea of seeing Eclipse at midnight, I of course agreed. Eclipse was great fun. Better than the first two. I won’t spoil it for the rest of you. So I’ll just recommend that you see it. I’ll go with you if you want.

Here’s the extended trailer for Eclipse:

It’s not that I find these movies to be top quality or the stories to be amazing and thought provoking, but rather, just entertainment. You know, people criticize Twilight a lot without realizing that most people just see it as entertainment. What’s wrong with that? The majority of people do not stalk the actors and wait days and days to catch a glimpse of them…

(this is not my picture. i was not there. i promise.)

But if you do that, it’s totally cool. Don’t get me wrong. I can see how people get hysteric about it.

But I mean it’s similar to the way people react to their favorite sports stars or singers (aka Justin Bieber). I would say the talk I have heard about Lebron and Twilight has been about even lately.

It’s actually kind of nice because now that I have seen the Twilight saga movies, I can discuss it with other people. It’s a nice conversation starter.

“Sooo are you team Edward or team Jacob?”

By the way, I like Carlisle (Peter Facinelli). He’s a cool dude. And he is hilarious in the show Nurse Jackie.

But if I had to choose Edward or Jacob, it would hands down have to be Jacob. And it’s not just his perfect abs. I promise. Both Edward and Jacob are attractive men. The whole vampire thing kind of creeps me out a little I think. I’ll just use that as my excuse.

So I was reading an article about Taylor Lautner (Jacob) in the July issue of GQ (current issue). It was really interesting. He talked about how he got to this point and how he had to bulk up 30 lbs of muscle to keep his role in the second Twilight movie. And how even though he’s hugely popular, his home life is the same. Still takes out the garbage, still mows the lawn. He likes to eat at Olive Garden. He seems like a guy that would be cool to hang out with (shirt on).

(Sorry, I had to include a picture of him. This is from a 2009 issue of GQ.)

Of course, if he is on the cover of GQ, they have to have a photoshoot of him. And seeing as how his shirtless scenes in the movies draw the loudest reaction from fans, he has to have one shirtless picture.

Taylor’s GQ pictures

sidenote: The 4th picture is kind of awkward I thought. It doesn’t look like his arm. And the 8th one is pretty sweet too.

The shirtless picture is the 3rd one. (I did not want to put the actual picture on here. My blog is not for ogling and lusting, but for speculation purposes only. hehe) Anyways, I saw this picture and I thought…dang. How did they pitch this idea without sounding ridiculous?

“Hey Taylor, take your shirt off now. Lay on your side and drink this water. It’s actually Ice Mountain, but we have to remove the label. Lets see the abs more. Make the water look sexy in this nice back lighting.” And voila.

That’s how I imagine it went down.

Some people have been complaining that there shouldn’t be a “teeny bopper” on the cover of GQ. You know what I have to say about that? boo hoo. What is wrong with having a young, fit, trendy guy on the cover? Take it easy. There’ll be a new issue out next month.

So if you have gotten swept up in the Twilight craze, rest assured, you are not alone. And if you have jumped on the anti-Twilight bandwagon, you should join the craze. I won’t judge you. (As long as you are not Team Edward. yuck.)

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Pyramid of Poop

Um… So I know I promised a poop post. And after thinking about it, I regret my announcement at the end of my last post saying that I would write one. It is pretty disgusting and I’m sure it would put people off…

But, after all, a promise is a promise. Just stop reading now if you find poop thoroughly disgusting and/or have a weak stomach.

The first thing I would like to address, before we discuss other poop, is dog poop.

The other day, I was sitting on my front steps just enjoying the nice weather, when suddenly I smelled something terrible. Stung the nostrils. And about 4ft away from me was an almost steaming pile of dung (I assume it was of dog). No joke when I say it must have been a big dog too.

Now, I don’t want to overreact – but COME ON. Really?

Is it really that hard to take a plastic bag and pick up the poop and throw it in the garbage? I clean up my 2 bunnies’ poop everyday. And they definitely poop more than you think they do. Probably similar in volume to a dog.

I understand you (the poop dog walker) are probably walking your dog in the morning. You’re tired, lazy, forgot the plastic bag. But if you’re gonna let your dog poop on my lawn, at least make him poop closer to the street and farther away from my house and front steps (where I like to sit and enjoy the weather). Now I cannot even sit on my own porch because of this smell and sight. And I am determined not to clean up someone else’s poop. You, poop dog walker, are going to have to see it and smell it every time you pass our house (until it decomposes).

And if I ever find out who you are, I will follow you to your house, wait until you go inside… then I will poop on your lawn and leave you a note saying:

Dear poop-dog walker,


It would be foolish of me to sign my real name right? Yeah… I think so.

One of my first blog posts ever was about poop. It got the most views out of all my posts. It was for this reason (and some external inspiration) that I decided to write another poop post.

My Poop Story

I used to think I had no poop stories. However, when we were camping, my mom made me tell people about a poop experience I had a few years ago.

So here I am to share it. Stop now if you do not like poop stories.

A few years ago, my family and I went to Seattle for vacation. We were driving from the city to the coast and we were in the middle of nowhere.

And I had to go to the bathroom. I didn’t have to poop, just #1.

Anyways, we stopped at the first place we saw. It was a little area with a few shops and a guy selling tie dye clothes out of a bus. We asked where the bathroom was, and I went over to it. I believe it was like a deluxe port-o-potty w/ a toilet and a sink inside, but it doesn’t flush. So I had to go REAL bad. But what I saw almost made me turn around and tell my family I have to go somewhere else.

There, in the toilet was a pyramid of poop. NO JOKE. I can’t imagine when the last time they emptied to toilet was… The top of the pyramid-o-poop was almost even with the toilet seat. Trust me, if you wanted to touch it (though I can’t imagine why you would want to), you would have no problem. Not only was the visual disturbing, but the smell was terrible as well. It was disgusting.

Just so you get a better understanding of what I experienced, I have created an accurate illustration.

The visual was so overwhelming, but my mom urged me to just go to the bathroom (note, she had not seen the pyramid at this point). So I went. But I didn’t sit down. That’s for sure. I almost cried. It’s okay though, it makes for a good story.

poop pyramid = bad times

Speaking of pyramids, this song has been stuck in my head the past couple days.

One thing’s for sure. The word “pyramid”, to me, will NEVER just mean a large stone tomb in Egypt.

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